Life Lately - December

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The festive season is so hectic right? I haven't found the time to sit down at my laptop and write a blog post for so long!! I found this lovely blog post idea on Kassiella's blog and I thought it was a great way for me to update you all on what I've been doing/thinking recently. I will hopefully be back blogging normally again soon!

Making: Plans for 2016. As much as I hate to admit it, I am a total sucker for New Year's Resolutions.
Drinking: Lots and lots of tea and hot chocolate, 'tis the season after all!
Reading: I am just about to start The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. wish me luck!
Wanting: A lovely, cosy Christmas.
Looking: Forward to beginning my new job!!
Playing: Justin Bieber's Sorry on repeat (not sorry!)
Deciding: About what to wear on Christmas day! 
Watching: All of the vlogmas' on YouTube, so many to keep up with!
Enjoying: Having two weeks off work and spending time relaxing. 
Waiting: For Christmas day, only 3 days now!
Liking: How content I feel. I always take stock at this time of year and I feel good. 
Wondering: What my boyfriend has got me for Christmas!
Loving: How I've improved with my present wrapping skills this year. I'm impressed.
Hoping: That all that I want to happen in 2016 does happen. 
Marvelling: At the fact I have got myself a job doing what I love. 
Needing: A cup of tea now that I've mentioned it!
Wearing: I love being off and being able to slob around in comfy clothes. 
Following: So many things/people. My favourite people are the Sacconejolys! 
Thinking: About how much I achieved over the last few years. 
Admiring: The strength in the people around me. 
Buying: So many Christmas presents! I am officially done now though.
Getting: Excited about the coming new year. 
Bookmarking: Tips and tricks for when I start my new job. 
Snacking: On chocolate and sweets, I do love the festive season!