Life Lately - February

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I had all these grand plans of posting three times a week once 2016 had started and here we are seven weeks in and I have a total of ONE post so far this year. So that's going rather well isn't it? Starting my new job has been rather a steep learning curve and if I am honest it is taking up A LOT of my energy. So I thought I would do another little update post to keep you all in the loop!

Making: Plans, plans and more plans. I think that, that may be a huge theme for this year.
Drinking: Peppermint tea. I am attempting to be a little bit healthier than I have been lately. 
Reading: We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach - the plot sounds intriguing!
Wanting: Half term to last longer!
Looking: Forward to spending the day shopping with my Mum tomorrow. 
Playing: Pillowtalk by Zayn Malik over and over and over 
Deciding: What I need to tackle at work next!
Watching: Me and Adam just started watching Making a Murderer, it's so good!
Enjoying: How much time I've been spending reading.
Waiting: For decisions to be made at work so I can start implementing things for September. 
Liking: The fact I have been making sure I make time for 'me' time, such an important thing!
Wondering: How to make time for everything I want to do in my spare time!
Loving: My new skin care regime. After all these years I have finally stuck to one!
Hoping: That my plans for the library come to fruition.
Marvelling: At how strong my Mama is, she's such a fighter. 
Needing: More time in my day.
Wearing: My lovely dressing gown that looks like it's from Frozen.
Following: All the librarians I follow on twitter are so supportive, it's a really good network.
Thinking: About my to-do list when I go back to work next week.
Buying: I have been quite good with my money this month so far!
Bookmarking: All the books I want to buy/read.
Snacking: On all the sweets.