First Time Buyers | The Beginning

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Readers I am about to embark on one of life's biggest journeys. As I sit typing this on a balmy, spring like Friday evening, there are teeny tiny little butterflies fluttering away in my stomach. You see tomorrow morning me, my boyfriend and my Dad are going to a house viewing. But this isn't just any house viewing. Oh no, this viewing marks the start of mine and my boyfriend's hunt for our first home together.

Much excite. Much nerves.

We have been building up to this moment since we pretty much first got together. Back then our conversations about moving out revolved around me telling my boyfriend that he needed to be patient, that going and renting a flat just because he wanted to move out wasn't the way forward. At around the three year mark, as we realised that we could in fact picture ourselves actually living together, those conversations got a bit more serious. As many of you reading this will know buying a house is an expensive business. In today's market if you want any type of mortgage lender to take you seriously then you need a big pile of moolah behind you. Luckily me and my boyfriend are in a good position with the money we have for a deposit and all the extra fees that come along with buying a house. We don't have a huge amount but it's enough for us to be looking in the price bracket we were after.

Of course this price bracket has been decided on after many a wistful 'no maximum' budget search on RightMove. Slowly but surely we gained a realistic view of what we can actually afford to pay for each month and have narrowed our searches down accordingly. If I'm honest, whilst the price of the property is an important factor, it is deciding how much you can afford to pay each month on running the house (mortgage, utilities etc) that is the most important factor. The three trifectas of our house search have been: our deposit, house price and monthly cost. We also have a wishlist of features but I'll talk about that in another post.

Although we haven't actually sat down and worked out our finances down to the last penny as of yet, we do have a good idea of what we can both afford to pay each month. It's an important conversation to have especially, if like us, one person is earning less than the other. We don't have a massive disparity between our monthly income but we have had to sit and talk about how the running costs of the house will be split. Surprisingly, this conversation was quite easy and we both feel happy with the percentages we've come up with. Of course some people will pay 50/50 no matter the difference in income but we wanted to make sure that we both had money left over for each of us to save and have a little bit of disposable income as well. All of these decisions are very fluid at the moment as we have no concrete figures to go off of. What we have done is sat down and worked them out based on the average cost of the type of house we want to buy. Zoopla also have this handy feature that estimates how much the monthly running of a house may cost.

So yeah.

After a few years of saving, dreaming and planning it is all beginning to feel very real.

I went into my bank earlier and scheduled a phone call with a mortgage consultant in order to get a decision in principle. Once that is in place we will be able to make an offer if we find a property we want. This phone call includes going through our in-comings and out-goings and fingers crossed we will be able to borrow the amount we need!

The property we are going to view tomorrow does have most of the features that are on our wishlist, I am just keeping my fingers crossed that there is nothing majorly wrong with it! I'm trying not to get carried with myself because it is only the first house but it's so hard! (Who am I kidding, I have it all decorated in my head!) That's the reason we are taking my Dad along, so that he can be the voice of reason and keep me and my boyfriend from getting too excited in front of the estate agent.

Speaking of decorating, as you can see from the photo up top I have been hoarding home-ware catalogues and home magazines for a while (the Next one is last years collection.) I used to want to be an interior designer so buying my first house will mean I get to flex my creative wings. I already have most of my colour schemes and designs sorted in my head.

You can check out my pinterest boards to see what I've been dreaming up. I also wrote a Wednesday Wishlist post a while ago which featured things I would love to have in my living room. Expect to see a few more home themed wishlists in the future.

I'm going to try and blog my way through the whole experience because having searched around I can't find many blogs that talk about the home buying process, especially for first time buyers on a budget. It's going to be a stressful but exciting few months ahead!

Are any of you in the same position or hoping to be soon? Or have you got some pinterest boards I can have a nosy at? Let me know in the comments!